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Contact information
Kevin Harbison, Recording Engineer
Imig, Office C161

Stage Management - FAQ

Will I have a stage manager at my recital?

All recitals in Grusin Music Hall and the Chamber Hall have a stage manager present. He or she will arrive at the Hall one hour prior to your performance to prepare. The stage manager will unlock the backstage green room, set and change the stage, change the lights, set out your programs and open and close the doors to the hall. Please fill out the Recital Staging Information form at least three weeks prior to your performance and return to the Dean's Office (C-103).

Note: There are no stage managers for recitals at The Academy.

Can I have a reception after my recital?

Yes, please see the Scheduling and Recital Programs page for information.

Can my stage manager turn pages for me?

No, during your performance the stage manager has responsibilities both backstage and in the house that prevent them from being onstage during your performance. Please have someone else available to turn pages, if needed.

Recital Recording - FAQ

How do I schedule my recital?

Visit the Scheduling & Recital Programs website for all the details and to download the necessary forms. The forms are also available just outside the Operations Office (N-124).  However, we recommend you visit the webpage for all the necessary information.

How much does the recording cost?

A $100 charge covers the time for the stage manager and recording technician, program printing and includes either two compact discs of the performance (one for the performer and one for the Music Library for required recitals, both copies to the performer for non-required recitals), or a library CD and a link to digital downloads of the CD tracks. Additional copies can be ordered prior to the performance by filling out the Recital Recording Request (which must be turned in three weeks prior to the recital) or after the performance by filling out a Duplication Request Form. Sound reinforcement or anything requiring additional personnel will be billed at $10 per hour.

When do I get my copies?

In most cases, your order should be ready within a few days of your performance. At the most, we try to have them finished within a week. You will receive an e-mail message notifying you that your order is ready. Completed orders can be picked up from the College of Music Operations Office (C119).

Ensemble Recording - FAQ

Who gets a copy?

Because of copyright laws, copies are available to performing members of the ensemble only. A CD of each concert is placed in the Music Library for general listening.

What’s available?

Most ensemble concerts are recorded on compact disc, but other formats may be available upon request.

What’s the cost?

CDs are $10 each. Additional CDs or CDs ordered in advance of the performance are $8. The CD will include the entire concert. A link to a digital download of the CD tracks is also available for $5.  A complimentary copy can be made available, upon request, to guest conductors, featured soloists, and composers at no cost. Please make these requests within one week of the performance.

How do I place an order?

Fill out a Duplication Request Form and submit it to the Audio Office (C161), or leave it in Kevin Harbison’s mailbox in the Operations Office (C119). All orders must be prepaid at the time of ordering.

How long will it take?

We request two weeks to process these orders, although in general it does not take that long. You will be notified when your order is completed. Completed orders can be picked up from the College of Music Operations Office (N-124).

Recording Session - FAQ

I need to make an audition tape. What do I do?

Grusin Music Hall is reserved on Thursdays from 10 a.m. to noon for recording sessions. Other times can be available depending on the hall and personnel schedules.

How do I schedule a session?

Contact Kevin Harbison in the Audio Office (C-161). Then fill out a Recording Session Request form and submit it to the Audio Office.

What if I need to make a video?

While we have the capability to capture audio and video in Grusin Music Hall, we do not have any video editing or DVD authoring capabilities.  At the end of the session we can supply you with a DVD-R of the entire session. You can then make outside arrangements for any video post-production.

What does it cost?

Session and post-production time is billed at $20 per hour. You will be charged for whatever materials you request. Please see the rate sheet for individual prices.

How long does it take?

We request one week advance notice before the session and two weeks for post-production. Of course, we will try to handle last-minute requests as much as possible.

Classroom AV - FAQ

Do the classrooms have audio systems?

All classrooms used by the College of Music in both Imig Music Building and Macky contain systems with cassette, CD and phonograph players. This includes large rooms like Grusin Hall and E-160 as well. For rooms that do not have installed systems, a rolling sound cart is available with CD, cassette and phonograph players. This cart can be reserved through the Audio Office.

What about video players?

The following classrooms have VHS and DVD players installed: C-125, C-191 and C-199. For other rooms, there are two rolling carts that contain VHS and DVD players with TV monitors that can be reserved through the Audio Office. An LCD projector can be scheduled for use in any other classroom that doesn’t have one already installed (please contact the Audio Office).

What is a ‘Smart’ classroom?

The ‘Smart’ classrooms are C-125, C-191, and C-199. As well as full A/V systems, they have Internet connections and connections to the video projector for laptop computers. Other playback equipment can also be accommodated, please contact the Audio Office.

What about overhead projectors?

All classrooms have overhead projectors located in the room. If you are presenting in a room that does not have an overhead, please contact the Audio Office and we will arrange to have one there for you at the necessary time.