summer session class

With a faculty instructor’s approval, music majors may register for private music lessons during the summer. Students may register for any level of a PMUS course, as appropriate. Only regular College of Music faculty will teach under this special summer program; graduate assistants teach only during the fall and spring semesters.

For applied lessons

  • You may earn 2 to 4 credit hours per course
  • Each credit hour represents 3 hours of instruction
  • Tuition is $462 per undergraduate credit hour and $657 per graduate credit hour

Registration procedure for PMUS courses

  1. Fill out the Approval Form with the assistance of your instructor.
  2. Submit the Approval Form to the Division of Continuing Education (CE) to register and pay your tuition. If you choose not to pay tuition at the time of registration, it is your responsibility to determine Continuing Education tuition deadlines and pay by the deadline.
  3. Upon completion of the course, the faculty member will submit the grade to


Explore the Summer Session schedule below or view the CU Course Catalog.

Questions or comments may be directed to Program Manager Yen-Shi Li.