undergraduate student advising

Please refer to the Undergraduate Student Handbook for overall policies and procedures related to the College of Music. If you have additional questions, please visit the Undergraduate Studies Office in Imig C-109 or call 303-492-6354.

Advisor assignment

Advisor information is located in Buff Portal. If there is no advisor listed, please contact the Undergraduate Studies Office.

Where do you find your advisor contact information? In Buff Portal, click on Classes & Registration, Academic Advising, then Schedule an Appointment to log into Buff Portal Advising.

Advisor approval form

Students must meet with their advisor before registering for courses each semester. After the advising meeting, complete the online Advisor Approval Form. Substitutions for the Advisor Approval Form will not be accepted.

Preparing for your advising appointment

  1. View your Enrollment Date in Buff Portal. The enrollment date indicates your specific time to register for classes. Assigned enrollment dates are generally during November for the spring semester and April for the fall semester. You can view course registration instructions and important academic deadlines on the Registrar’s Office website.
  2.  Schedule an appointment with your advisor. Your advisor will review your course selections and verify you’re taking the appropriate classes and reasonable course load.

  3. Degree audits are available through Buff Portal under "Classes & Registration." This shows completed coursework and remaining requirements needed for your degree program. Review your degree audit prior to your advising appointment. (Keep in mind the degree audit is an evaluation for advisement and is not an official document. Report any errors and/or concerns to Victoria Ibarra.)

  4. Complete the Advisor Approval Form online once you have met with your advisor. It should be submitted at least one day prior to your enrollment date. Once your form is received, the "Academic Advising Required" hold will be removed within 24 hours.

  5. In planning your next semester schedule, be aware of the Ensemble Rule. Students registered for applied music lessons must be enrolled in an ensemble according to their degree program. Ensemble selection should be discussed with your advisor. If you are a music scholarship recipient, you may be dropped from lessons and your music scholarship terminated if you do not adhere to the Ensemble Rule set forth by the College of Music.