An "I" or incomplete grade may be given when students, for reasons beyond their control, have been unable to complete course requirements. A substantial amount of work (50% or more of course requirements) must have been satisfactorily completed before an “I” grade request can be considered.

While students must request an incomplete grade, the choice of awarding an “I” grade is up to the instructor, who will set the conditions under which the course work must be completed and the time limit for its completion (one year or less) by submitting an Incomplete Grade Request form to the Office of Undergraduate Studies. At the end of one year, "I" grades for courses that are not satisfactorily addressed are automatically changed to an "F". If the required work is completed by the deadline, the instructor must submit a Change of Record form to the Office of Undergraduate Studies. (Students are not given this form). A second entry on the transcript records the final grade. An incomplete does not affect a student's status as full or part-time during the semester it is granted. However, it will retroactively affect the student’s GPA once the “I” converts to a letter grade.

In applied music, students unable to satisfactorily perform a jury or proficiency exam may receive an incomplete grade if the instructor decides that the student's situation merits this action. In such cases, the instructor must submit an Incomplete Grade Request form to the Office of Undergraduate Studies (with or without the student's signature) or write a more detailed letter explaining the conditions and deadline for addressing the incomplete grade. The instructor also is responsible for getting a copy of either the Incomplete Grade Request form or the letter of explanation to the student.

Students who receive an incomplete in applied music must register for lessons the next semester. The instructor, in consultation with the Undergraduate Associate Dean, will determine the appropriate course number. Normally, it will be a repeat of the course number for the semester in which the incomplete was granted. If that is the case and the student is able to complete the required work early in the next semester, the instructor may then allow the student to change to the next applied course number during the drop/add period or submit a Change of Record form after that period.

Students may also petition the Undergraduate Associate Dean to drop their class after the drop deadline through the last day of the semester, thereby receiving a "W" on their transcript (if the petition is approved). Such action requires the submission of documentation that verifies circumstances beyond the student’s control that adversely affect performance in one or more classes. Depending on the date, students may or may not receive any refund in their tuition bill. Those wishing to pursue this option should get a Special Action form from the Office of Undergraduate Studies, which must be signed by the instructor before it is submitted to the Undergraduate Associate Dean. The student is responsible for taking the Special Action form to the Office of the Registrar (Regent 105) if it is approved.