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The College of Music offers two certificate programs at the Undergraduate level. Students admitted to the College of Music can pursue both certificate programs. Non-music majors are only eligible for the Music Technology certificate. 

Undergraduate certificates

Music Entrepreneurship

The Certificate in Music Entrepreneurship is an innovative program administered by The Entrepreneurship Center for Music (“ECM”) in partnership with the Leeds School of Business. The certificate, open to music majors only, will include a Minor in Business plus academic and experiential credits within the College of Music. This robust curriculum positions the College of Music among the nation’s leading programs in arts entrepreneurship. Acceptance to the Business Minor is determined by the Leeds School of Business and is contingent on completion of the required prerequisites. Visit the Leeds Business Minor page for more information.

To declare the certificate, Building Your Music Career (MUSC 2918) must be successfully completed, and a CU Boulder GPA above 2.0 is needed. It is strongly recommended that you enroll no later than the end of your sophomore year.

Music Technology

The Certificate in Music Technology consists of a variety of courses designed to provide a strong background in using technology to compose and produce music. The courses range from an introductory survey of music software and hardware to in depth studies of DSP, synthesis, algorithmic composition, recording and post-production techniques, film scoring, and many other topics. The software used in many of the classes includes Logic Pro, ProTools, Abelton Live, Finale, Lilypond, MAX, PD, SuperCollider, CSound, Final Cut Pro, Audacity, SoundHack and Spear.

To declare the certificate, Intro to Music Technology (MUEL/MUSC 2061) must be successfully completed, and a CU Boulder GPA above 2.0 is needed. Note: Music majors enroll under the MUSC course prefix and non-majors in MUEL.