Courses: 18 credits total

Required courses: 9 credits

  • Semester 3 Theory and Aural Skills (MUSC 2101, 2121)
    or Semester 4 Theory and Aural Skills (MUSC 2111, 2131)
    or Jazz Theory/Aural Foundations (MUSC 3081, 3091)
    6 credits
  • Senior Thesis/Tutorial (MUSC 4957)
    3 credits
    *The Senior Thesis/Tutorial is an independent study that results in a research project and presentation. The project could be in a variety of formats including a paper (4-5k words not including examples bibliography) or a shorter paper (2-3k words not including examples or bibliography) and an additional component such as a composition, multimedia presentation, software, or performance.

Elective options: 9 credits

Select from the following courses:

  • 16th-century Counterpoint (MUSC 4011)
    2 credits—offered in the fall of even-numbered years
  • 18th-century Counterpoint (MUSC 4021)
    2 credits—offered fall only
  • Tonal Analysis (MUSC 4061)
    2 credits—offered spring only
  • Post-tonal Analysis (MUSC 4071)
    2 credits—offered every other fall only
  • Topics in Music Analysis (MUSC 4151)
    2 credits—offered in the fall of even-numbered years
  • Intro to Music Research (MUSC 2988)
    1 credits
  • Masters-level Topics Course (MUSC 5151 with instructor permission, when not double-listed with MUSC 6801)
    3 credits
  • Elective outside major within or beyond the College of Music (e.g., basso continuo, music technology, jazz improvisation, cognition, linguistics, computer science, music pedagogy ... with advisor permission)
    2-3 credits


Yonatan Malin
Chair, Music Theory

Hannah Baker
Undergraduate Academic Advisor