Music requirements

  • Building Your Music Career (MUSC 2918)
    2 credits—fall semester only

  • The Entrepreneurial Artist (MUSC 4988)
    3 credits—spring semester only

  • Experiential Capstone (MUSC 4998)
    1 credit—fall or spring semester; includes entrepreneurial project and capstone exam

Business minor requirements

  •  Marketing/Management (BUSM 2010/BUSM 2011)
     3 credits total—offered fall, spring and summer semesters

  • Accounting/Finance (BUSM 2020/BUSM 2021)
    3 credits total—offered fall, spring and summer semesters

  • Track classes 
    BUSM 3010/3011, 3020/3021, 3031, 3040, 3050 (offered fall and spring semesters)

  • Business Sustainability (BUSM 3060)

  • Business Plan Development (BUSM 4010)
    3 credits—offered fall, spring and summer semesters

Sample sequence 

Note: Junior year BUSM courses may be taken concurrently with the sophomore MUSC courses.

First year

Writing elective
Pre-approved math reasoning course (required prerequisite for business minor)

Sophomore year

Building Your Music Career (fall)
The Entrepreneurial Artist (spring)
Management + Marketing (fall)
Accounting + Finance (fall or spring)

Junior year

Business Plan Development (fall)

Senior year

Business Plan Development (fall)
Experiential Capstone (spring)

Note: We strongly recommended that you complete the Business Plan Development course before spring of your senior year. This will greatly facilitate your capstone semester and your participation in the Entrepreneurial Project your final semester.


Interested in learning more? Schedule an appointment or stop by the Entrepreneurship Center for Music office.

Hannah Baker
Undergraduate Academic Advisor, Music

Jeffrey Nytch
Director, Entrepreneurship Center for Music

Zach L. Johnson
Program Manager, Business Minor