Hire CS students

Email Amy Richards to have your internship or job shared with students on our mailing list.

This is a targeted way to engage with current CS students. Thank you for supporting our students' professional journeys!

Helpful information to include:

  • Your name and/or the name of the company
  • When to apply by
  • Where to apply to, and any instructions necessary 
  • A contact for students to reach out to
  • What skills are required
  • If it is a paid or unpaid opportunity

Sponsor a capstone

A capstone can be an excellent way to connect with students and the department to find the talent your organization is seeking.

Learn about Capstone Projects

Connect with student groups

You are welcome to reach out with opportunities to specific computer science student societies. Our groups are student-led, so responses may be limited during high points in the semester.

Computer Science Student Groups

If you are specifically seeking students traditionally underrepresented in computing fields, you may also consider the BOLD Center's student societies.

All BOLD societies have women-identifying students, not only those with "woman" in the name. 

BOLD Student Societies

Computing Corporate Affiliates Program

The Computing Corporate Affiliates Program provides industry partners direct access to a cohort of students allowing for deep relationships, student skills development and financial assistance for student education.

Computing Corporate Affiliates Program