Bachelor of Science in Computer Science is offered by the College of Engineering and Applied Science and is meant for students who identify as engineers. 

Engineers like to apply scientific principles to solve real-world, practical problems. They like to design and build the systems that keep our society functioning and that keep people healthy and safe. Engineers like to build things, creating prototypes that might solve a particular problem, and then iterating on the design until it's just right.

The BS degree program emphasizes knowledge and awareness of computing at all levels, from circuits and computer architecture through operating systems and programming languages to large application systems; the theoretical and mathematical aspects of computing; the interdependence of hardware and software; and the challenge of large-scale software production and the engineering principles used to meet that challenge.

As a BS student, you will complete a wide breadth of CS courses, a strong foundation in mathematics, and a required senior project or senior thesis.

  • 58 credit hours of computer science classes (24 foundation, 18-20 approved core, 8 senior capstone project or senior thesis, 6-8 CS electives)
  • 17 credit hours of classes in mathematics (8 calculus, 3 linear algebra, 3 probability or statistics, 3 discrete math)
  • 24 credit hours of classes in humanities, social science and writing
  • 17 credit hours of natural science
  • 12 credit hours of free electives