Accelerate your education.

The Bachelor’s-Accelerated Master’s (BAM) degree enables currently enrolled undergraduate students to receive both a bachelor’s and a master’s degree within five years.  

You will receive your bachelor’s degree first but begin taking graduate coursework as an undergraduate — typically during senior year. This enables you to fast-track your graduate studies while obtaining their master’s degree at a lower cost. Pursuing a BAM degree at CU allows students to continue working with their established faculty mentors during further graduate studies.

Undergraduates are not allowed to apply to be admitted to a CS-related BAM in the term they are graduating from their undergraduate degree. Students may not begin the BAM program the semester they are completing their undergraduate degree. For example, if a student is graduating with their BA or BS degree in spring, they may not begin the BAM program in spring semester. Undergraduates must apply to BAM with at least two semesters of coursework remaining in the Bachelor’s degree. An undergraduate student receives the best value from a BAM program in both time and money if they are able to take all four graduate classes that the BAM program allows before they graduate with their undergraduate degree.

We currently have four master's programs with an accelerated master's option for students pursuing BA, BS or Post Bacc in computer science:

Computer Science Accelerated Master's Programs

Network Engineering Accelerated Master's Programs 

Computational Linguistics (CLASIC) Accelerated Master's Programs

Data Science Accelerated Master's Programs