Institute of Cognitive Science

University of Colorado Boulder
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    Institute of Cognitive Science

    The Institute of Cognitive Science (ICS) at CU-Boulder has gained an international reputation for its promotion of interdisciplinary research and training in cognitive science.

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    Cognitive Science

    Cognitive science is the study of human knowledge. The Institute of Cognitive Science (ICS) at CU-Boulder examines issues related to the science of the mind.

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    Top Research University

    CU Boulder embraces its role as Colorado's flagship public research university. 

  • Weekly Colloquia

    In addition to local scholars, the weekly Colloquium Series invites international researchers to campus for a two to three day visit. 

  • Dr. Banich in front of the INC MRI.
    INC’s MRI Machine

    CU-Boulder’s Center for Innovation and Creativity (CINC) is home to a state-of-the-art, Siemens 3T Trio Magnetic Resonance Imaging System, pictured here with ICS Director Dr. Marie Banich.

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