Network Engineering students at workstations in data center access room
Network Engineering students working in the network engineering lab with network cabling
network engineering lab

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The network engineering program teaches students how to build, operate, and manage robust and resilient communications systems.

Students also learn how to successfully communicate the intricate details of these technical skills to all audiences. Central to this degree is a series of classes that take place in the network engineering lab that provides students hands-on assignments building, testing, and operating state-of-the-art communications systems and devices. The lab is home to: 

  • Over 50 racks of equipment dedicated to student training and research in the areas of Enterprise/Service Provider, Cloud, and software-defined networking.

  •  An incredible 400 amps of power and 18 tons of eco-friendly cooling in a data center supporting our educational objective of the best hands-on networking curriculum.

  • More than 1000 hardware components representing equipment from multiple industry partners which include routers, switches, wireless access points, VoIP, bare-metal boxes, and servers (stand-alone and cloud).

  • Dedicated workstations via adjacent lab rooms where students manage and learn how networks actually work.