Undergraduate Course Prerequisites for Graduate Admissions

Before taking graduate courses the following minimum undergraduate course requirements must be satisfied:

Mathematic and calculus courses through differential equations and linear algebra, physics, statics, mechanics of materials, fluid mechanics, geology, soil mechanics and foundation engineering.

Transfer Credits

For the Master of Science program the department will accept up to 9 hours of graduate credit from other institutions if not used toward another degree.

For the Doctoral program, up to 15 semester hours of 5000 level or above course work may be transferred from another institution and applied towards the 30 hours minimum course work requirement. For a student who has obtained their MS degree at CU Boulder, up to 21 semester hours of 5000 level or above course work may be transferred.

Course Offerings

  • CVEN 3698 Engineering Geology
  • CVEN 5313 Environmental Fluid Mechanics
  • CVEN 5333 Surface Hydrology
  • CVEN 5353 Groundwater Hydrology
  • CVEN 5383 Groundwater Modeling
  • CVEN 5343 Transport and Dispersion in Surface Water
  • CVEN 5404 Environmental Engineering Chemistry
  • CVEN 5537 Numerical Methods in Civil Engineering
  • CVEN 5474 Hazardous Waste Management
  • CVEN 5484 Environmental Microbiology
  • CVEN 5494 Fate and Effects of Pollutants in the Environment
  • CVEN 5524 Advanced Water Treatment
  • CVEN 5555 Risk Analysis

  • CVEN 5708 Soil Mechanics
  • CVEN 5718 Mechanics and Dynamics of Glaciers
  • CVEN 5728 Foundation Engineering
  • CVEN 5738 Applied Geotechnical Analysis
  • CVEN 5748 Design of Earth Structures
  • CVEN 5758 Flow Processes in Soils
  • CVEN 5768 Introduction to Rock Mechanics
  • CVEN 5834 Bioremediation
  • CVEN 6313 Advanced Environmental Fluid Mechanics
  • CVEN 6424 Advanced Biological Processes 
  • CVEN 6833 Flow and Transport Through Porous Media
  • CVEN 6843 Advanced Groundwater Modeling
  • CVEN 7718 Engineering Properties of Soils