We are happy to help you determine which of your classes may be accepted for transfer to CU Boulder, but please remember that all transfer credit evaluations are preliminary pending acceptance of your transfer credits by the Office of Admissions and approval by the CEAE faculty transfer credit evaluator. A grade of C- or higher is required to receive transfer credit.

Prospective transfer students can use Transferology to easily see what coursework may transfer to CU Boulder:

  1. Create a free Transferology account and enter your completed/current coursework.
  2. Click on the green box (that shows your % match) next to CU Boulder to see your results.
  3. Click on the “Apply courses to a program” box in the right-hand sidebar to run a sample degree audit and see how your transfer coursework may apply.
  4. E-mail your program request results to the academic advisor for your major. Note that only your “matches” are included here. If you would like information about how your “maybes” might apply to your degree, include a list of those courses in your e-mail.

Colorado Community College System students should also visit the College of Engineering & Applied Science website for additional information, including the Community College Transfer Matrix and a list of approved Humanities & Social Science Electives.

Once you have been admitted to CU Boulder, we will provide a complete transfer credit evaluation as described on our Incoming Transfer Students page.