Civil engineering was one of two engineering majors offered in 1893 when the School of Applied Science was first established as part of the University of Colorado. Architectural engineering was established in 1925, awarded its first degree in 1929 and has been continuously accredited since 1936. The department has since grown to encompass civil, environmental and architectural engineering.

Our Faculty­

  • We have 44 tenured and tenure-track faculty members; five full-time instructors; and two research faculty members.
  • Six faculty have received the prestigious National Science Foundation CAREER award.
  • Four faculty (one emeritus) have been elected to the National Academy of Engineering. 
  • Faculty brought in 95 research grants, totaling $16.1 million, in 2015.

Our Students ­

  • In fall 2016, there were 143 undergraduate students majoring in architectural engineering, 254 in civil engineering and 210 in environmental engineering.
  • In fall 2016, there were 147 students pursuing a master’s degree and 127 pursuing a PhD in civil, environmental and architectural engineering.