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Four December 2021 graduates of the Department of Civil, Environmental and Architectural Engineering and the Environmental Engineering Program are being recognized by the College of Engineering and Applied Science for their achievements.

Keseani Anderson, Anthony Pimentel, Leah Rivera, and Bailey Vigil are each being honored for their efforts as undergraduate students. Each student and their award is highlighted below. You can also see the full list of honorees at the college of engineering Graduating Student Awards website.

Fall 2021 Honorees

Keseani Anderson

Perseverance Award
Bachelor of Science in Architectural Engineering

Keseani Anderson experienced financial and academic setbacks during her college career that would have derailed someone with less grit and determination, but she persisted. Anderson has made impressive strides and is an example to her fellow students. In her most recent semester she served as a peer mentor in COEN 1500 and a grader in AREN 3440, all while taking a full course load. She is graduating with a degree in Architectural Engineering with an emphasis in lighting and electrical. After graduation, she plans to continue her efforts within the industry as she pursues her career as a lighting engineer. She strives to inspire more women and people of color to join this exciting and growing field.

Anthony Pimentel

Research Award
Bachelor of Science in Environmental Engineering

Anthony Pimentel is a 2021 recipient of the Research Award for his work in water treatment and reuse, where he has developed unique skills to advance water infrastructure and new technologies and solutions to the challenging needs of dense urban populations and emerging contaminants. His efforts focus on new treatment processes and investigating more sustainable technologies that can reduce the environmental impact of water infrastructure. As he completes his undergraduate degree in Environmental Engineering, Pimentel will continue in the BAM program to pursue his research-based master’s alongside his thesis on UV Light Emitting Diode advanced oxidation processes to treat trace organic contaminants in water.

Leah Rivera

Community Impact Award and
Justice, Equity, Diversity & Inclusion (JEDI) Award
Bachelor of Science in Environmental Engineering

Leah is deeply engaged in service and leadership to the Environmental Engineering Program, The BOLD Center, and college of engineering through her role as Co-President of the Society of Environmental Engineers (SEVEN), where she is dedicated to promoting inclusivity and helping build community. She also served in multiple peer mentoring roles in GoldShirt, EVEN, and ImagineCU. Leah's involvement in promoting inclusivity has also reached beyond the university, through her research promoting inclusivity and empowerment of people living in north Denver neighborhoods disproportionately impacted by the expansion of I-70 and her summer 2021 internship with the Environmental Protection Agency focusing on expanding engagement with rural community leaders in our region. After graduation, she plans to continue advocating for diversity and inclusion efforts while contributing to the field of environmental science and engineering.

Bailey Vigil

Perseverance Award
Bachelor of Science in Environmental Engineering

Bailey Vigil is a 2021 recipient of the CU Engineering Perseverance Award for her tenacity as a student in Environmental Engineering. She has overcome each challenge she faced professionally and proactively, seeking out campus and industry resources to further her education. In addition to her studies, Vigil also worked as an undergraduate research assistant, conducting COVID-19 monitoring of campus wastewater and completed an internship with Aurora Water, where she served as a horticultural assistant. After graduation, Vigil will be starting a position with the State of Colorado as a Buildings GHG Analyst. She will work to develop policy that establishes maximum acceptable global warming potentials for certain construction materials used in state projects. Vigil hopes to further her knowledge through practice and assist the state in progressing towards a more sustainable future.