Published: June 1, 2020

Mija HublerAssistant Professor Mija Hubler won the Engineering Mechanics Institute (EMI) Leonardo da Vinci Award!

She was selected for the award for pioneering breakthroughs in the understanding of toughness of materials due to microstructure feature arrangement, as well as innovations in experimental methods to study concrete fragmentation, surface characterization and aging.

Hubler is co-director of the Center for Infrastructure, Energy and Space Testing (CIEST). Her research focuses include cementitious materials, micro-structure quantification and design, permeability, fracture mechanics, micro- and meso-scale experimental testing and simulation techniques, failure prediction of construction materials, and construction material health risks and toxicity.

The da Vinci Award recognizes outstanding young investigators early in their careers for promising, groundbreaking developments in the field of engineering mechanics and mechanical sciences as relevant to civil engineering. Hubler will receive the award next year at the postponed EMI/PMC 2020 Conference in New York City.

EMI is an international engineering mechanics organization that serves the needs of the worldwide engineering community. It promotes both research and application of scientific and mathematical principles to address a broad spectrum of existing and emerging engineering and societal problems.