A UAV resting on the ground with the flatirons in the background.

How you map out your Professional Master's is up to you, but if you're interested in a future designing hardware or software for drones and robotics to be used in military or commercial applications, your curriculum could look like this:

    Aerospace Engineering Systems Classes

    • ASEN 5010 Spacecraft Attitude Dynamics
    • ASEN 5014 Linear Control Systems
    • ASEN 5024 Nonlinear Control Systems
    • ASEN 5519 UAS in the National Air Space System
    • ASEN 6519 Special Topics - Cooperative Control of Multi-Vehicle Systems

    Astrodynamics and Satellite Navigation Systems

    • ASEN 5307 Engineering Data Analysis (Math requirement)

    Classes Outside Aerospace

    • CS class on programming (embedded?)
    • EE controls class
    • ME class on mechatronics
    • EMEN Leadership

    For more class options, review the full college of engineering Course Catalog.