The University of Colorado Boulder is internationally recognized for its education leadership in aerospace engineering, Earth, and space sciences with world-class, committed faculty and exceptional, engaged students.

Whether your interests lie in joining a commercial business or a federal agency, starting your own company, or becoming an astronaut, CU Boulder will help you achieve your aerospace career goals.

"Throughout my experience, I developed an engineering intuition, a strong grasp of the theoretical fundamentals, and the technical writing skills necessary to succeed in graduate school and in my career.” - Ashley Moore (AeroEngr '06, AppMath '06)

By focusing education and research programs on both the science and engineering of aerospace, using experiential learning with intensive faculty and staff advising, our graduates are broadly educated, interdisciplinary, agile, and have professional acumen. Hands-on learning and practical labs are critical components of Smead Aerospace.

"The experience gained from the lectures and labs is unparalleled. Specifically, the wind tunnel and F-16 jet labs gave me the perfect opportunity to obtain a summer job at a top-tier corporation where the job description and the content of the labs were almost indistinguishable." - Jorge Cervantes, (AeroEngr BS/MS '17)

The CU Boulder aerospace engineering sciences program balances curriculum in both aeronautics and astronautics and also provides opportunities for you in remote sensing and the applied sciences.

“I actively recruit aerospace grads from CU, and not only have I always been impressed, so has my group, and my leadership.” - Geoffrey Lake (AeroEngr BS/MS '09)

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