The Master of Science requires a total of 30 semester hours (including courses and thesis hours), at least 24 semester hours of which must be completed at the 5000 level or above, and at least 18 semester hours of which must be ASEN courses. In addition, specific focus area requirements must be met. Also, you must take an approved math course. Information about tuition/fees is available on the Bursar's website.

The MS degree is an unfunded two-year program allowing you to specialize in a particular topic in the aerospace field. As a student, you will choose and follow one of two tracks to earn your degree:

  • Write and defend a master’s thesis. Students are responsible for securing a thesis advisor. You should not declare your pathway to completion as Master's Thesis if you have not acquired a thesis advisor. Students who wish to write a masters thesis must register for 6 credits of master's thesis credit. Although not a strict requirement, students typically enroll for 3 masters thesis credits each semester over a two-semester period. The course number is ASEN 6950; however, master's thesis credit is controlled enrollment credit so students cannot register themselves. Contact the graduate advisor for registration during the add period.

    Note: Masters thesis credits cannot be applied toward the Ph.D. program.

  • Non-thesis course work, which can consist of (a) two semesters of graduate projects, (b) an approved certificate, or (c) courses as defined by focus area.

Funding is not guaranteed for master’s students. Although in rare cases students may be supported by faculty directly, the department does not guarantee their support. See Curriculum page for more details.