A Professional Master's degree (ProMS) in aerospace from CU Boulder is designed for working engineers and people planning to pursue a career in industry. We designed the program with industry partners to meet your needs, further your career, and with your location in mind -- the degree can be earned on campus or 100% online.

A traditional master's degree has set focus areas and many students enter the program immediately after getting their undergraduate degree. With a professional master's:
  • Many students already have experience as an engineer in industry or the military.
  • The program is more flexible -- a focus area is not required.
  • You can take 100% of classes online.
  • You don't have to write a thesis.

A huge benefit of the program is classes from across the Department of Aerospace Engineering Sciences and the entire college of engineering can count toward your degree. If you need to learn more programming for your job, take a course or two from Computer Science. If you need to learn more about chemical engineering, enroll in some ChemBio classes. Thirty credits are required for your professional master's, but only 18 have to be in aerospace.

You can also earn your entire degree online. With the professional masters, you can take classes in person or you can take each and every class online. It doesn't matter where you are, so long as you have a computer and internet, you can earn a professional master's from CU Boulder.

As a Professional Master's student, you will earn the same Master of Science degree as a traditional Master's student. The Professional Master's and traditional Master's are separate programs, but the degree is the same.

There are no required curriculum tracks for the professional master's. You can choose to pursue your degree within one of our research focus areas, or mix together classes from multiple focuses areas and even other engineering departments.

The professional master's requires a total of 30 semester hours, at least 24 semester hours of which must be completed at the 5000 level or above, 18 semester hours in ASEN courses, with the completion of one approved math course. Information about tuition/fees is available on the Bursar's website. Please note that Professional MS students are ineligible for any department funding (TA/RA/fellowship).

Interested? Submit your application today. If you have more questions, visit our frequently asked questions page or email the graduate advisor.