A CubeSat on a workbench.

How you map out your Professional Master's is up to you, but if you want to lead space hardware development for next generation satellites and probes, consider a curriculum that looks like this:

Aerospace Engineering Systems

  • ASEN 5053 Rocket Propulsion
  • ASEN 5148 Spacecraft Design

Astrodynamics and Satellite Navigation Systems

  • Commercial Space operations
  • Graduate Project on Commercial Space
  • ASEN 5050 Orbital Mechanics 


  • ASEN 5158 Space Habitat Design

Remote Sensing

  • Instrument Development
  • Space environment

Aerospace Math

  • ASEN 5227 Aerospace Math

Engineering Management (Classes Outside Aerospace)

  • EMEN System engineering

For more class options, review the full college of engineering Course Catalog.