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How you map out your Professional Master's is up to you, but if you're interested in remote sensing and space mission design, and have a long term goal of being a principal investigator on a future satellite, probe, or manned launch, your curriculum could look like this:

Aerospace Engineering Systems

  • ASEN 5024 Statistical Estimation for Dynamical System

Astrodynamics and Satellite Navigation Systems

  • ASEN 5050 Orbital Mechanics 
  • ASEN 6008 Interplanetary Mission Design
  • ASEN 6020 Optimal Trajectories


  • ASEN 5335 Aerospace Environment

Remote Sensing

  • ASEN 5235 Introduction to Atmospheric Radiative Transfer and Remote Sensing
  • ASEN 5245 Radar and Remote Sensing

Engineering Management (Classes Outside Aerospace)

  • EMEN 5005 Statistics (Math requirement)
  • EMEN Leadership
  • EMEN Project Management

    For more class options, review the full college of engineering Course Catalog.