This is a five-year graduation plan that features a semester of study abroad and a semester co-op to obtain a BS in aerospace engineering sciences with a minor in computer science. You will benefit from robust training in CS, significant experience abroad, and in-depth training and exposure.

Your freshman through junior years largely follow the regular aerospace undergraduate curriculum combined with CS minor foundation courses. In year four, you will complete a study abroad semester followed by a semester of a full time co-op before returning to the CU Boulder campus in year five for your remaining courses.

Years 1-3

  • Follow the regular aerospace course sequence.
  • Complete the computer science minor prerequisites and foundation coursework. You must complete these courses before you can officially declare a CS minor. More information is available at the CS minor website.
    • Calculus I and II (Prerequisites to the minor - does not count toward overall minor hours)
    • CSCI 1300 (may be substituted with CSCI 1320 or ECEN 1310)
    • CSCI 2270
    • CSCI 2400 (may be substituted with CSCI/ECEN 4593)

Year 3

  • Meet with your advisor to officially declare your Global + Co-op track following fall semester, after grades have posted. You must have a 3.0 GPA to make this declaration.
  • Submit your study abroad application. These are typically due March - April for fall enrollment.

Year 4

Fall semester: Abroad

  • While abroad, you must take at least one of the following equivalent CS core courses:
    • CSCI 3104
    • CSCI 3155
    • CSCI 3753
  • You should seek approved CS elective coursework abroad.
  • You should seek approved H&SS coursework abroad.
  • As your co-op will be during spring semester, you will need to complete and submit your co-op applications while abroad.
    • You must secure your own co-op. CU Boulder cannot guarantee these placements but will provide resources and advising. Contact Engineering Career Services for more information.

Spring semester: Co-op

  • Complete a co-op.
    • You can expect to be paid for your full-time work, and you will not pay CU Boulder tuition during this semester.
  • You are encouraged to continue your spring semester co-op into the summer to maximize your industry experience.

Note: You may invert this order and begin a co-op the summer after your third year and continue working through the fall semester; you'll then study abroad during the spring semester of your fourth year.

Year Five

  • Return to CU Boulder to complete all outstanding requirements for a BS in aerospace engineering sciences and a minor in computer science.

Financial Considerations

Most CU scholarships and financial aid can be applied to a study abroad semester, and additional scholarships are available. You can expect to earn a good hourly wage during your full-time co-op to offset the cost of the additional year of study, and during the co-op, you are not obligated to pay tuition to CU, saving additional money! Students who wish to receive academic credit for their co-op can do so for $80/credit.