Want to Go Abroad?

CU offers numerous study abroad options all around the globe. Some programs are as short as two weeks in duration, and others can take you abroad for a full academic year. You can take courses in English or in a foreign language of your choice, and you can even study abroad more than once and in multiple locations! 

If you want to study abroad, start planning early, and save as many of your elective and H/SS requirements as possible, as these are the easiest courses to transfer back to CU. 

World map with marked locations of engineering-related study abroad opportunities

Explore Your Major

The Basics


There are pre-approved courses from each engineering curriculum that count directly towards your degree, as well as dozens of Technical Electives and H&SS courses that help you can stay on track for graduation. You can always apply to get a new course approved and credit can also be awarded for an international research position or internship.


The cost of an international experience depends on program type, location, and duration, but there are affordable options all over the world. You can apply most of your CU financial aid & scholarships on a program abroad, and there are also a number of scholarships available especially for study abroad.  Explore and compare different program costs here, or read through the study abroad FAQs.