New Venture Challenge members

New Venture Challenge powers campus entrepreneurship

​In 2007, local venture capitalists, business leaders, professors and administrators convened to help shape CU Boulder as an entrepreneurial university.

Madalyn Kern and prosthesis

A better prosthetic

​Amputees face a perpetual problem: As their residual limb changes over time, the prosthetic socket no longer secures the prosthetic to the limb, rendering their device essentially useless.

Margaret Murnane talking to team members

STROBE imaging

How STROBE is modeling the future of research.

Yang and Yin with roll of cooling material

Beat the heat

A thin, low-cost metamaterial keeps buildings cool with zero energy consumption.

Fermented pint of beer

From beer to battery

Two CU Boulder engineers have pioneered an ingenious way to turn Colorado’s booming craft beer economy into renewable power.

Inside ALD NanoSolutions

Spinoff company discovers new opportunities for nanomaterials

In 1997, Professor Al Weimer of chemical and biological engineering and Professor Steven George of chemistry began collaborating on a novel process of coating surfaces with the thinnest of materials possible, known as atomic layer deposition (ALD).

Tiny stethoscope on an arm

The tiniest of stethoscopes

It may be tiny, but it’s mighty. A soft, wearable acoustic sensor that weighs less than a paper clip has been developed by CU Boulder and Northwestern University.

Dan Szafir with robot

The Robot Whisperer

Robots could someday be found making beds at understaffed nursing homes, helping homeowners with DIY projects or handling mundane chores on the International Space Station.

Mark Borden and team members in the lab

Microbubble Technology

Technology could save lives on battlefield, home front.

Never Summer mountains

Preserving the Arapaho language

Fading language lives on through CU Boulder website.