Salty lake bed

Last Lake on Mars

A newly discovered 18-square-mile salt flat (roughly the size of Boulder) likely represents the evaporated remains of one of the last potentially habitable surface lakes to exist on the Red Planet.

Heather Hava

Strawberry Fields Forever

Heather Hava has astronomical gardening skills. The CU Boulder graduate student develops advanced fruit and vegetable gardening systems for use by astronauts on Martian and lunar outposts.

Mars solar storm

Solar Wind

For a team of CU Boulder students and scientists studying climate change on Mars, the answer is “blowin’ in the wind”.

After image of drought-diminished Lake Shasta

Grand Challenge: Our Space. Our Future.

More than a thousand satellites orbit Earth, including remote sensing satellites collecting vast amounts of data about global temperature, forest health, ocean circulation, sea ice and erosion.

Students mapping at Chimney Rock National Monument

Laser-Guided History

Think you need a shovel to dig into Colorado’s distant past?

Teacher and student looking at fossil kit

Colorado Classrooms Receive Gift of Historic Proportions

Jim Hakala thinks students should have a chance to hold history in their hands.

Scott-Wesley Bean and another student conducting research in the mountains

Fieldwork of Dreams

Research Experience for Community College Students program inspires budding Colorado scientists.

Carrots and beets

Planted Evidence

Two faculty members write the book on solving crimes using plants.

Pack mules

Of Mules and Men

Thomas Andrews, associate professor of history at CU Boulder, is writing an entire book about people’s relationships with non-human animals, but he can sum up his thoughts in one word: messy.

Shakespeare’s First Folio

Shakespeare’s First Folio Comes to CU Boulder

The Colorado Shakespeare Festival is considered one of the best in the nation.