Camera drone

Together, every drone achieves more

There’s no I in drone.

Stars and galaxy in the night sky

Space mystery solved

Students, including undergraduates, at the University of Colorado Boulder have helped solve a 60-year-old space mystery using a satellite the size of a shoebox.

Kids in costume acting out a performance about the climate

Creative solutions for climate concerns

Using music, dance and science, Beth Osnes, associate professor of theatre and dance, created an artistic project she hopes will inspire climate action.

Researcher and colleagues in African garb with musical instrument

Music a key player in global health?

What if music could help eradicate some of humankind’s most serious diseases?

Professor at podium in South Korea

Caught in the middle: Taking art to Korea's demilitarized zone

In mid-June, as he had done so many times before, George Rivera packed more than a hundred pieces of art into a suitcase and boarded a plane bound for a place where rifles can seem more common than paintbrushes.

Dimitri Nakassis examining and photographing the pylos tablet

Using technology to read ancient tablets

By using advanced digital imaging technologies, classics professor and archaeologist Dimitri Nakassis is pioneering new techniques to study ancient Greece.

Female dancer in costume

History comes alive through art

Archive Transformed has an inspiration as unique as the project itself: Lin Jaldati, a Jewish communist cabaret performer from 1930s Amsterdam.

CU Boulder football player in action

Buffs lead concussion research collaboration

Student-athlete health and well-being, and how these are affected by injury, including concussion, are important issues from pre-collegiate to professional sports.


Lasers could lead to better understanding of neurodegenerative conditions

A team led by Ralph Jimenez of JILA is studying neurodegenerative diseases such as Alzheimer’s and Parkinson’s by measuring neurons firing deep inside animal brains.

Vet and researcher with dog and owner walking in background

Wagging tails signal good news for chronic pain therapy

When Shane the therapy dog was hit by a Jeep, life changed for him and his guardian, Taryn Sargent.