Closeup of Lila Finch's lantern

Graduate project illuminates science for youth

Graduate student Lila Finch’s luminous sculpture lends artistic form to scientific function.Read more »
Macky Auditorium

Growing cross-disciplinary scholars in the humanities

CU Boulder’s Center for Humanities and the Arts is reshaping research and education across traditional program boundaries.Read more »
Robert Garcea in the lab

A shot in the arm

New shelf-stable vaccines could bolster lifesaving immunization deliveries worldwide.Read more »
Gut microbiota

Could a dose of good bacteria prevent PTSD?

Mounting evidence shows healthy resident bacteria can play a pivotal role in supporting physical health.Read more »
Brain graphic

‘Brain signature’ discovery could yield faster diagnosis for fibromyalgia patients

More than 5 million people suffer from fibromyalgia, a syndrome characterized by chronic muscle discomfort, sleep problems, pain hypersensitivity and sometimes mood disorders.Read more »

Tonic for toads

Call it high-altitude kombucha: CU Boulder biologist Valerie McKenzie has developed a probiotic solution that inoculates boreal toads from a virulent infection.Read more »
Firefighter fighting a wildfire

New era of wildfire

Current wildfire policy can’t adequately protect people, homes and ecosystems from the longer, hotter fire seasons caused by climate change, according to a recent research paper led by CU Boulder.Read more »
The Ttwistor aircraft in flight

Grand Challenge: Eye on the sky

From storm-chasing drones to fire-tracking satellites, Grand Challenge projects are boosting our understanding of an evolving planet.Read more »
Students in spacesuits

New minor brings space expertise to the masses

As the top public university for NASA research funding, CU Boulder is famous for aerospace.Read more »
Small single-propellor plane

Atoms in flight

Most particle physics experiments take place in a lab, but these days, JILA professor Dana Anderson prefers taking his to the air.Read more »