OCG oversees the various stages of contract negotiation and execution of MTAs and NDAs, as well as Data Transfer and Use Agreements (DTUA/DUA). OCG works with Venture Partners, University Counsel, and other campus offices to address potential concerns and to ensure that the terms of the agreement align with the goals of the researchers and the University.

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Nondisclosure Agreement (NDA/CDA) 

Allows one party to share confidential information with the other party. The NDA specifies how the receiving party/parties will protect and use the confidential information. NDAs are sometimes referred to as nondisclosure, proprietary information, or secrecy agreements, emphasizing the recipient's handling of the confidential information. At CU, NDAs will only be signed to evaluate a potential future business relationship, or to write a joint proposal.

CU Boulder has two options for NDAs: 

1.  Partially-Executed NDA/CDA for Unilateral Disclosure by External Entity

For unilateral disclosures (one-way) in which an external entity will disclose confidential information to CU Boulder personnel, CU Boulder’s partially-executed NDA/CDA may be used. The Partially-Executed NDA/CDA can be used immediately upon execution by the sponsor/external entity, requiring no review or negotiation by CU Boulder. Click here for information on the Partially-Executed NDA/CDA.

Download Partially-Executed NDA/CDA for Unilateral Disclosure Agreement

Note: The partially-executed NDA/CDA does not cover CU Boulder personnel disclosing CU Boulder confidential information to an external party. CU confidential information includes only that information that has not been publicly disclosed via posters, presentations, journal articles, published patents, patent applications, etc. or that is not generally available to the public in some other capacity. See next bullet to initiate an NDA if CU Boulder confidential information is to be disclosed.

2.  For All Other NDA/CDA Disclosures

Contract Administrators in the Office of Contracts and Grants (OCG) are the authorized representatives on behalf of CU Boulder for negotiation and execution of NDAs. Requests may be initiated through the NDA Online Request Form. NDA requests can take 4-8 weeks for execution to allow for review and negotiation.

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Outbound Materials Transfer Agreement (MTA)

An agreement which allows university researchers to provide research materials to an outside institution while still protecting the University of Colorado's Intellectual Property rights in the research material.

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Inbound Materials Transfer Agreement (MTA)

An agreement which allows university researchers to obtain tangible research materials from outside entities. The MTA defines the rights of the provider and the recipient with respect to the materials and any derivatives.

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Data Transfer and Use Agreement (DTUA/DUA)

An agreement which allows the university to send or receive datasets for the purposes of furthering academic research. Defines the rights of the provider and the recipient with respect to the Data, and outlines how the recipient must access, handle, store, and dispose of the data upon completion of the project.

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