CU Boulder’s partially-executed Non-disclosure Agreement (NDA) Agreement may be used for unilateral disclosure of confidential information by an external entity to CU Boulder personnel. If CU Boulder personnel will disclose confidential information to an external entity, use the NDA Online Request Form

To use the University of Colorado Boulder partially-executed Non-disclosure (NDA) Agreement, also referred to as Confidential Disclosure Agreement (CDA) or Proprietary Information Agreement (PIA) follow, these steps.   

  1. The Principal Investigator and/or research personnel subject to the NDA should read the entire agreement to understand how to comply with terms, and sign under the "READ AND UNDERSTOOD" signature block on the last page. For any questions, reach out to your department's OCG Contract Administrator. CU Boulder research personnel/team must complete ALL highlighted sections of the partially-executed NDA agreement. Please work with sponsor to obtain full legal address needed for the agreement. 

    Link to Partially-Executed NDA/CDA Agreement

  2. Send the completed agreement to the sponsor for signature. 
  3. This agreement must be accepted as written by the sponsor. It cannot be edited by the sponsor. It has been designed to allow for immediate acceptance. 
  4. If the sponsor requires use of its own NDA, then it will need to be submitted through the NDA Online Request Form. It is likely to take a minimum of 4-8 weeks to execute. 
  5. Do not route the executed NDA to CU Boulder OCG for signature as the document is already executed by the University. 
  6. Once the sponsor signs the agreement, it is fully executed, and the sponsor can share documents and/or information. 
  7. Email a copy of the fully executed/signed NDA to If using DocuSign, a copy of the fully executed/signed NDA can be routed through DocuSign to It is the responsibility of the PI and research team to maintain a copy of the executed agreement and provide it to OCG on request unless a copy is sent to OCG.