CU Boulder’s Industry & Foundation Relations (IFR) team is dedicated to building collaborative, mutually beneficial relationships with industry partners and foundations.

In January 2020, the Corporate and Foundation Relations team, the Office of Industry Collaboration and the industry and foundation-focused teams within the College of Engineering and Applied Science and the Leeds School of Business combined to form the IFR team, which reports jointly to Advancement and the Research & Innovation Office.

The streamlined IFR team is part of the university’s effort to deliver “a partner-centric strategy and an on-campus support team that aligns financial investment in the research, discovery and creativity of Boulder’s faculty and students with satisfied corporate and foundation partners.”

Visit the Industry & Foundation Relations website to learn more about how they can help you collaborate with local, state, national, and international industry and business partners.

If you plan to submit an industry proposal (i.e. the sponsor or funding agency is a private company), you will need to work with IFR. It is important to involve IFR as early as possible at proposal stage to help ensure that we are appropriately budgeting for the project and fulfilling any other special industry requirements. IFR may also help you negotiate favorable terms and conditions in an award agreement. You may contact IFR directly or your Proposal Analyst will contact on your behalf when notified of your proposal to a private sponsor.