Published: Sept. 11, 2023

OCG recently completed a revamp of No Cost Extension (NCE) forms. The forms were moved to OnBase and updated with input from OCG staff, CCO’s Research Financial Services (RFS) and campus department administrators. The new forms, launched September 1, are accessed from the same OCG webpage.

Highlights of the new forms:

  • Moving forms to OnBase helps to resolve technical issues that periodically made the Web Express forms unavailable.
  • Different look with similar questions as the current forms.
  • OnBase allows for conditional questions, making the form shorter and easier to use for “simple” NCE requests.
  • Improved notification to the OCG Subawards Team for projects that include subawards.
  • Submitted forms will route to OCG, RFS, PIs and DRAs.
  • The confirmation emails sent to all parties will include information to help identify the NCE request with a link to the completed form in OnBase.

As with the previous NCE forms, in most cases, RFS will continue to extend the end dates on projects for which an NCE request is made prior to official approval from sponsors. Extension requests through OCG’s NCE Request Form are not guaranteed approval. If RFS extends the project end dates prior to sponsor approval, this is done so that you can continue to use your project SpeedType. If a sponsor does not approve an NCE request and CCO extended your end date in PeopleSoft, the department/unit will be responsible for charges made after the original end date of the project.

Questions about NCE requests can be directed to your OCG Grant or Contract Officer.