Published: Oct. 22, 2020

For the past several months the Office of Contracts and Grants has been relaying communication from the National Science Foundation about the move toward use of SciENcv for creation of biographical sketches and current and pending support forms for new proposals submitted on or after October 5, 2020. In the past few weeks, since implementation of this new requirement we have received automated responses also requiring this format from the NSF system for post-award actions and reports.

Post-award Actions

Though requirements for submitting biographical sketches and/or current and pending support form in SciENcv format are not reflected in NSF’s official communications regarding the new formats, we want to make campus aware that we are seeing these requirements across a broader range of situations than originally described.


We received email communication about changes to NSF reporting requirements. These changes include:

  • Addition of question to the Edit Participants Screen: Has there been a change in the active other support of the PI/PD(s) since the last reporting period?
  • If Principal Investigators (PIs)/Project Directors (PDs) and co-PIs/co-PDs select “Yes” to the above question, they will be required to upload their most up-to-date Current and Pending Support document.
  • The Current and Pending Support document must be in an NSF-approved format, which are SciENcv: Science Experts Network Curriculum Vitae or an NSF fillable PDF. NSF will not accept any other format nor accept reports without this requirement being met.
  • Addition of the following three questions to the "Impact" and "Changes/Problems" tabs:
    • What was the impact on teaching and educational experiences? (Impact tab);
    • What percentage of the award’s budget was spent in a foreign country? (Impact tab); and
    • Has there been a change in primary performance site location from that originally proposed? (Changes/Problems tab).

Current and Pending Support Format Training Resources

OCG’s SciENcv Instructions

OCG Webinar SciENcv Biosketches, ORCID id and Current Pending

NSF Current and Pending Support Video Tutorial

NSF-specific Bookshelf Resource (includes screenshots and step-by-step instructions)

For questions about these new requirements and post-award actions, contact your Grant Officer. For questions about new reporting requirements, email