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Academic Year Calendar

Add/Drop Deadlines

Add/Drop Policy/Procedure 

ALTEC (Anderson Language Technology Center)

Amazon - Tax Exempt  

Articles about Humanities Education

Auditing a Class 


Children in the Workplace and/or Classroom Guidelines 

Class Cancellation and Leave Guidelines

Computer Info 

Course Proposal/Course Revision Forms 

Course Proposal Information and Guidelines 

Course Registration Policy 

CU Accessible Technology page -

CU Calendars by topic - Student, Faculty and Staff, Finals, Exams, Holdays, etc.

CU Policies and Resources

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Disclosure Requirement

Discrimination and Harassment Policy

Diversity Resources 

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Email Etiquette

Emergency Plan for Off-Campus Activities

Employee Info - Making Changes (contact info, W-4, direct deposit)

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Event Advertising Request Form  Submit to list event on CU Events Calendar and/or GSLL website 

Faculty: Absences from Campus

Faculty Affairs (OFA)

Faculty Classroom Interview Form (for reappointment, etc.)

Faculty Evaluation Form - Content

Faculty Evaluation Form - Language

Faculty: Funding Sources

Faculty Handbook for new GSLL faculty

Faculty Leave

Faculty Meetings and Deadlines

Faculty: Professional Rights and Duties of Faculty Members and Roles and Professional Duties of Department Chairs

FEPRA (Family Educational Rights & Privacy Act - student privacy information)  

Final Exam Schedules 

Final Exam Policy 

Grade Appeal Policy (scroll down to "Policy on Grade Appeals" on linked Arts & Sciences Policies and Requirements page) 

Grade Change Process 

Graduate Applications - Faculty Review in Slate 

GSLL Logos

Honorarium Payments for GSLL Visitors 

Honors, graduating with

Incomplete Agreement Form and Process

Incomplete Policy for Undergraduate Students  

Incomplete Policy for Graduate Students:  German MA, German PhD, Russian MA 

Independent Study Contract 

Injury on Job (see workman's compensation)

Instruction Modes - definitions of in-person, hybrid, remote, and online teaching options. Scroll down to "instruction modes" on linked Registar "glossary" page.  

iPad Info 

Leave Guidelines (see class cancellation and leave guidelines)

McKenna 112 classroom calendar

McKenna Building access -

Off Campus Agreement for use of university equipment

Office Hour Policy

Office of Information Technology (OIT) for assistance with computer-related isses

Peer Evaluation in GSLL (2016)

Personnel Procedures Update (Aug 2016)

Printer Toner/Ink Cartridges 

P-Card Info 

P-card:  submitting receipts 

Reappointment, Promotion and Tenure (ttt faculty) - Department Policy

Reappointment and Promotion of Teaching Professors - Department Policy

Reappointment/Promotion Timelines 

Red Folder - Helping Students of Concern

Research Funds:

Reimbursement Procedure - non-travel  

Salary Procedures

Staff Duties

Staff Resources

Student Worker Resources

Syllabus Information and Templates 

Teaching Assistants and GPTIs, Best Practies - German Program

Teaching Assistants, Best Practices - Russian Program

TA Classroom Visit Form - Content

TA Classroom Visit Form - Language

Teaching Resources and Information

Teaching Policies

Teaching Professor Differentiated Workload (Instructor Sabbatical) 

Teaching Professor Evaluations - Memo of Understanding

Teaching Professor Travel and Research Grant

Telephone - International Calls needs to be updated w MS Teams info

Textbook Ordering

Travel (for faculty)

Travel Reimbursement/Travel Card Reconciliation Request Form 

Video Streaming Resources 



Workman's Compensation

Zoom (video conferencing) - university account