CU Boulder's official final examination policy enforces a uniform final examination schedule to facilitate fairness and help maximize the educational experience for students.

Final Exam Dates

Summer Session

Most Summer Session classes schedule final examinations on the last day of class; however, some classes have examinations at a different time.

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Fall & Spring Semesters

Full-Semester Classes

Reading day, the day after the last day of classes, is reserved for study time. On that day, no class sessions may be held and no graded assignments of any kind may be due.

The five-day final exam period starts the following day. Every undergraduate class is assigned a final exam date, time and location (the location may differ from the regularly scheduled classroom), which posts to Buff Portal and CU Boulder Class Search in early October for fall and mid-March for spring.

If your exam dates haven't posted yet, look them up below using either the course number (for classes with common final exams) or the class meeting pattern (for all other classes).

Spring 2024 Exam Schedule (PDF)
Fall 2024 Exam Schedule (PDF)

Special Session Classes

Final exams are typically held during your last regularly scheduled class period.

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Resolving Scheduling Conflicts

If you have three or more final exams scheduled on the same day, you're entitled to arrange an alternate exam time for the last exam(s) scheduled on that day. If you have two final exams scheduled to meet at the same time, you're entitled to arrange an alternate exam time that day or week for the exam associated with the class that occurs last. For more information, see the CU Boulder's final examination policy.

You're expected to provide evidence of the conflict to qualify for any exceptions, and you must make arrangements with the instructor of the affected class before the published deadline (see calendar in sidebar).