Current students are not eligible to audit a class.  They may enroll in the course N/C (no credit). They pay tuition and are officially enrolled.   

Degree seeking students have priority over auditors for space in a class. 

As of Fall 2022, campus is moving back to pre-COVID life, auditors are once again welcome to campus to sit in on campus on classes. The most important aspect of this program is that faculty, instructors, lecturers. and graduate students teaching classes have the right to either approve or disapprove of auditors taking their classes. None of the teaching staff in your department should feel obligated to accept an auditor in their class. Once auditors have instructor permission to audit a class, they contact Continuing Education to complete the registration process.

There are several options for Individuals who are not registered students:

Community auditors (ages 18-54) enroll though Continuing Education

Senior auditors (ages 55 and up) enroll through the Koenig Alumni Center

Continuing Education's ACCESS Program:  for non-degree students interested in taking CU courses (for credit)