Log on to VPN

Go to My CU Info

Then click on the "CU Resources" tab

Then click on the big "CU Data" button

Then click on "m-Fin LAUNCH"  (either the rocket ship icon on the far left or just the "REPORT m-FIN LAUNCH")

Then enter your ORG / ORGNODE "10237" and push enter (or click "Finish" on the bottom)

This brings you to GSLL but from here in the upper right corner you can go to any unit on any CU campus in the drop-down menus

Under "All Funds" (far right hand side), under the combined speedtypes" category, click on ""Speedtype One-liner"- which will show a listing of all GSLL speedtypes.

If report isn't pulling up, check to see if pop-ups are being blocked. 

You can open the report in excel by clicking on the trianglein the gold bar at the top.

Search for speedtypes with your name, keeping in mind you may have multiple speedtypes ( research, $XQK, start-up, etc.).  Most funds 10 speedtypes (except $XQK) have a fund 72 speedtype associated with them.  You will need to add the balances between the fund 10 and fund 72 speedtypes.

Recent expenses may not be calculated into your balance. You can view FY (fiscal year) expenses by clicking on the "expeditures" amount for individual speedtypes.  Fiscal year is July 1 - June 30.

To view information in an excel spreadsheet, go to the arrow in the gold banner at the top of the page, and select "run excel."

Awards that require a fund 34 speedtype, are housed into a general GSLL gift fund.  Karen can give you balances for any ASFE grants, etc.