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See Karen for p-card application.

P-card can not be used for travel expenses (with the exception of conference registration fees).  Can use the P-card for Green Ride expenses for non-employees.

P-Card Rules

  • No tax
  • Max. 20% tip
  • No parking
  • no furniture (see PSC website for information on purchasing furniture)
  • Original itemized receipt
  • Receipts must show “University of Colorado” as either a billing or shipping address.  (Okay to have items shipped to home, just make sure the billing address shows “University of Colorado” – you can use the department address as the billing address.) 


  • After you use your P-card, submit receipts using online form.
  • Once you receive email from FSC representative, go into the employee portal and certify and submit your p-card expenses

Customer Service for procurement and travel cards:  (US Bank), 1-800-344-5696.  Outside US 701-461-2010 (collect).