The majority of graduate student funding is awarded through the department in the form of either:

  • Awards and Scholarships
  • Teaching and Research Assistantships

Awards and Scholarships

The Environmental Studies Program also offers awards and scholarships for which our studens may apply to.

This award supports ENVS graduate students with a demonstrated commitment to making a significant contribution to science and technology policy in his, her or their work.

For more information on how to apply, vist the info page.

Teaching & Research Assistantships

Departments may award teaching assistantships, which provide a stipend, tuition waiver and partial insurance coverage. All full-time graduate students in good standing are eligible for these appointments.

Students are encouraged to apply for graduate student research assistantships with faculty members at the University of Colorado. Individual faculty members, the Graduate Coordinator, or participating departments can be contacted for additional information. Candidates with a strong quantitative background and with computer expertise are particularly welcome. Good initiative and communication skills are essential.