Independent study is self-directed exploration of an environmental topic of mutual interest with a faculty member. Independent study is an opportunity to work with individual direction and guidance from a faculty member on a specialized area of environmental studies that you feel is important to research. A student may propose an independent study to any appropriate member of the graduate faculty. Faculty may sign an independent study agreement if they agree with the following:

  1. The topic is worth investigating
  2.  The student has sufficient background in the topic
  3. The topic is not covered in sufficient depth in departmental courses
  4. They share enough interest in the topic to sustain the project 

Faculty are under no compulsion to accept independent study students, but do so as their work load permits. Independent Study credit may not be given for internship experiences, work for pay within or outside of the program, or volunteer work. Please complete the agreement form below and return a signed copy to the Graduate Coordinator before or within the first 10 days of the semester.

Download the PDF Form

Independent Study Agreement Form