Tailored for working professionals

A professional master’s degree is usually a terminal degree, with the goal of preparing students to be highly competitive in the professional job market. It may be right for you if you want to obtain cutting-edge knowledge; advance your communication, collaboration, presentation, organizational and networking skills; and apply what you learn to advance your career. The professional master’s degree admission process evaluates applicants primarily on their potential to complete a challenging degree, and not on their potential to do research or complete a PhD. There is no thesis option for this degree.

Professional Masters of the Environment

The Masters of the Environment (MENV) Graduate Program at the University of Colorado Boulder is an innovative, interdisciplinary professional master’s degree that equips students with the knowledge, skills, and experience necessary to address the complex environmental challenges of the 21st Century. Students take courses that equip them to address real-world environmental challenges and to understand how various stakeholders can be engaged effectively in the decision-making process. This 21-month, immersive, cohort-based graduate program builds students into leaders in a wide range of careers in conservation, consulting, energy, natural resources, planning, policy, sustainability, and more. 

Students choose to specialize in one of five areas:

  • Environmental & Natural Resource Policy
  • Renewable and Sustainable Energy
  • Sustainability in the Outdoor Industry
  • Sustainable Food Systems
  • Urban Resilience & Sustainability

Rather than completing a master’s thesis, all MENV students are required to complete a 9-month applied capstone project with a sponsoring organization in the public, private, or non-profit sector.

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