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Image of Carol Wessman
Carol A. Wessman
ENVS Program Director • Professor
Krister Andersson
Krister Andersson
Associate Professor
Photo of Max Boykoff
Maxwell Boykoff
Associate Professor • Director, Center for Science and Technology Policy
Photo of Cassandra Brooks
Cassandra Brooks
Assistant Professor
Matthew Burgess professional
Matthew Burgess
Assistant Professor
Photo of Amanda Carrico
Amanda Carrico
Assistant Professor
Picture of David Ciplet
David Ciplet
Assistant Professor
Nicole  Civita
Nicole Civita
Instructor • Masters of the Environment • Sustainable Food Systems Specialization Lead
Photo of Sharon Collinge
Sharon Collinge
Photo of Lisa Diling
Lisa Dilling
Associate Professor • Associate Director of Undergraduate Studies
Photo of Dan Doak
Dan Doak
Professor • Associate Director of Graduate Studies
Photo of Bruce Goldstein
Bruce Goldstein
Associate Professor
Benjamin Hale Photo
Benjamin Hale
Associate Professor
close up photo of Joel Hartter
Joel Hartter
Director for Masters of the Environment • Associate Professor
Eve-Lyn Hinckley
Assistant Professor
Jonathan Hughes
Jonathan Hughes
Associate Professor
close up of Rudy smiling
Rudy Kahsar
Instructor • Masters of the Environment • Renewable and Sustainable Energy Specialization Lead
Photo of Kevin Krizek
Kevin Krizek
Joanna Lambert headshot
Joanna Lambert
Lydia A. Lawhon
Instructor • Masters of the Environment • Environmental Studies
Photo of Dr. Litt
Jill Litt
Associate Professor
Environmental Studies
Diane in Sardinia
Diane McKnight
Photo of Dale Miller
Dale Miller
Senior Instructor • Undergraduate Internship Program Faculty Sponsor
Steve Miller posing by lamp post
Steve Miller
Assistant Professor
photo of brian muller
Brian Muller
Associate Professor • Environmental Design
Photo of Jason Neff
Jason Neff
Professor • SILC Faculty Director
Pete standing in front of autumn trees
Peter Newton
Assistant Professor
Photo of Roger Pielke
Roger Pielke Jr.
Shutkin at Brainard Lake
William Shutkin
Instructor • Masters of the Environment • Sustainability Planning & Management Specialization Lead
Photo of Robert Sievers
Robert Sievers
Professor • Chemistry and Biochemistry
Photo of Steve
Steven Vanderheiden
Associate Professor • Environmental Studies • Political Science
Photo of  Carrie vodehnal
Carrie Vodehnal
Photo of Jim White
James White
Professor • Dean, College of Arts and Sciences