CU-Boulder has nationally renowned programs in both environmental law and environmental studies. Those who wish to pursue advanced degrees across these fields have the option of two dual degree programs: MS/JD and PhD/JD. Students will complete coursework in the core areas of the law, the natural and social sciences, values and ethics, and policy. Graduates of our dual degree program in law and environmental studies have the skills to impact future policies in government, industry, and  non-profits or to pursue research-focused careers.

General Program Overview

Students who are enrolled in both the MS/JD and PhD/JD combined degree will need to complete the following:

  1. Guidance Committee Meeting - During the first six weeks of a student’s first semester taking ENVS courses, a guidance committee of at least three faculty members will examine a student’s past academic and professional record and recommend a program of coursework for that student.
  2. Complete required coursework – Students may count up to 9 credits hours of law classes towards the MS degree. In addition to the courses recommended by their guidance committee, students will complete the following required courses:
    • ENVS 5000 - Science Policy and Values
    • ENVS 5003 - Theory and Methods in Environmental Studies

Below are the specfic requirements for each degree: