Emily Beam

Ph.D. Student
B.A., College of Charleston
Rayna standing in yellow dress

Rayna Benzeev

Ph.D. Student
Research Interests Tropical Forests Land use change geospatial modeling socio-environmental systems Faculty Advisor Peter Newton Education B.A., Environmental Science and Mathematical Modeling, Colorado College, CO

Joshua Darling

M.S. Student
B.A., University of Colorado Boulder

Sebastian Dueñas Ocampo

Ph.D. Student
B.A., Pontificia Universidad Javeriana M.A., Pontificia Univervsidad Javeriana M.S., University College London

Rawinorn Dulyakasem

Ph.D. Student
B.S., Mahidol University International Colllege M.A., Institute of the Pacific, New Zealand
Chris Dunn Kyaking

Christopher Dunn

Ph.D. Student
Secondary Core Area Values & Theory Core Research Interests Human Ecology Environmental Ethics Writing Biography Chris Dunn is a Ph.D. candidate in the Environmental Studies Program. His research integrates disciplines, including philosophy, anthropology, and writing to work for conservation and environmental awareness. His present research is primarily focused on the human relationship with icy landscapes, especially ancient or large bodies of ice in the Arctic, Antarctic, and the world's great...
Jesse enjoying the tropical mountains

Jessica Egan

M.S. Student
Research Interests How various compounds and nutrients move through hydrologic systems Water infrastructure Water Treatment and technology Faculty Advisor Diane McKnight Education BS., Environmental Studies, Florida International University (2014) About Jessie is a Masters student in the Environmental Studies Program and a member of the Hydrologic Sciences Graduate Group. Jessie is currently working with a team of scientists from NEON and various universities to observe post wildfire conditions in Great...
Denise sitting outside on her travels

Denise Fernandes

Ph.D. Student
Major Field/Concentration Energy transitions of India and China post Paris Agreement on Climate Change and how these transitions shape larger development and environmental governance interactions within the world system. Research Interests Global environmental governance Development and inequality Environmental justice Climate change mitigation and adaptation action with a focus on India and South Asia Energy transitions. Faculty Advisor David Ciplet Education M.A., Sustainable Development Practice, TERI University, New Delhi B.A.,Political Science,...
close up headshot of Lee

Lee Frankel-Goldwater

Ph.D. Student
Major Field Research Intersts Faculty Sponsor Education Biography Lee is a PhD student with the Environmental Studies and Design programs at the University of Colorado, Boulder. His research and professional efforts focus on collaborative storytelling for grassroots community empowerment, learning networks, and developing new models for transformative environmental education. Recent projects and positions include an analysis of the 100 Resilient Cities network as part of a multi-case research study, teaching...
Alex Halverson pic

Alexander Halverson

M.S./MBA Student
Alex is a cross-discipline student, working towards an M.S in Environmental Studies and an MBA from the Leeds School of Business. He plans to pursue a career in the business side of environmental sciences, a sector that is full of potential but under utilized. Originally from Milwaukee, WI, he earned his B.S Wildlife Conservation from Minnesota with a minor in Business Management. Throughout the past several years, he has spent...
Close up of Alex with snow goggles

Alex Hamilton

MS/JD Student
Major Field Law, policy, and values Research Interests Federal public land use policy adaptive management Resistance to public lands in the American West Faculty Sponser Ben Hale Education B.A. (Honors in Environmental Studies), Bates College with Minor in Spanish and Religious Studies Biography Alex has worked in citizen science, volunteer management, conservation and environmental education in Montana, Colorado, California and Montevideo, Uruguay. A former collegiate cross-country skier, current backcountry skier,...
Anna in field wearing baseball cap

Anna Hermes

Ph.D. Student
Major Field/Concentration Environmental Biochemistry Research Interests Couples human-natural systems Water resource management Watershed biogeochemistry Agriculture Faculty Advisor Eve-Lyn Hinckley Education MS. Oceanography, Rutgers, State University of New Jersey BS. Biology, University of New Mexico Biography Anna is a Ph.D. student in Environmental Studies at CU-Boulder. She is broadly interested in understanding how humans impact the nutrient cycles and ecology of terrestrial and aquatic ecosystems in order to better protect and...

Molly Huber

Ph.D. Student
B.S., Cornell University

Tara Ippolito

Ph.D. Student
B.S., University of Redlands
Ashby Leavell

Ashby Leavell Sachs

Ph.D. Student
Ashby Leavell hails from Charlottesville, Virginia. After receiving her BA in French and Landscape Architecture from the University of Virginia, Ashby worked in botanic gardens as a horticulturalist, educator, and researcher at Thomas Jefferson’s Monticello, Kew Gardens in London, and Tresco Abbey Gardens in Cornwall, UK. She then completed a Master’s fellowship in Botanic Garden Management with Longwood Gardens and the University of Delaware. Next, for several years Ashby honed...
Formal Amorina

Amorina Lee-Martinez

Ph.D. Student
Major Field/Concentration Western Watershed Management Sciences Core Research Interests Collaboration for river management Investigating conflict resolution and negotiation strategies among river stakeholders to acheive sustainabiilty of water resources Research focus on the Dolores River, a tributary of the Colorado River Faculty Advisor Patty Limerick, Center of the American West Education BA in Environmental Studies, CU Boulder (2014) BA in Studio Arts, CU Boulder (2014) MS Environmental Studies, CU Boulder (2017)...

Hannah Miller

Ph.D. Student
B.A., Bowdoin College
Stefi Mitova

Stefi Mitova

Ph.D. Student
Education BA Architecture, Wellesley College (2011) MS Environmental Science, Wageningen University, the Netherlands (2015) Biography Stefi Mitova's work and interests are in the field of clean energy technology and innovation: particularly solar energy and electric vehicles. Research areas focus on optimizing the transformative potential of these technologies; building/ transportation energy impacts; integration into urban and infrastructural systems, etc. Sustainable energy production/consumption has been analyzed from environmental/ energy, economic, and technological...
Emily Nocito photo

Emily Nocito

Ph.D. Student
B.S., Stony Brook University M.S., University of Maine
holly mountain biking

Holly Olivarez

Ph.D. Student
Major Field/Concentration NSF Graduate Research Fellow Research Interests Ocean biogeochemistry Ocean carbon sink Air-sea CO2 flux Earth system model output analysis Education B.S. in Earth and Planetary Sciences, University of New Mexico (2019) A.S in Mathematics, Central New Mexico Community College (2017) Biography Other interests include climate change communication, mountain biking and hiking
Jeremiah formal

Jeremiah Osborne-Gowey

Ph.D. Student
Major Field/Concentration Environmental Science and Policy Research Interests Coupled natural-human systems (CNH), Socio-Environmental Systems (SES), Science Policy, Resilience, Transformation, Adaptive Capacity, Learning Networks, Social Networks, Science Communication, Science and Planning, Environmental Science, Human Dimensions of Natural Resource Management, Science and Technology Policy Studies, Sustainability, Ecology, Conservation, Fisheries and Wildlife, Natural Resource Management, Social Media, Complex Systems, Participatory Action Research (PAR), Policy Analysis, Coupled Human And Natural Systems (CHANS) Faculty Advisor...
Olivia standing with arms crossed in green and blue dress

Olivia Pearman

Ph.D. Student
Major Field/Concentration Environmental Policy Areas of Interest Science communication Energy policy Land use Justice Faculty Advisor Maxwell T. Boykoff Education M.E.M. Yale School of Forestry and environmental Studies B.S. Clemson University Biography Olivia Pearman is a Ph.D. student in the Environmental Studies Program and is interested in improving approaches to complex environmental problems through policy. She is particularly focused on how institutions and organizations make decisions about the environment and...
Formal Urooj

Urooj Raja

Ph.D. Student
Major Field/Concentration Media and Technology as solutions for climate change Research Interests Environment, technology, and policy Education BA, History with honors, Princeton University MA, Environmental Sociology, University of Colorado at Boulder. Biography Urooj Raja is a doctoral student in environmental studies at the University of Colorado at Boulder, where her dissertation research examines innovative media technologies with a focus on virtual reality and augmented reality mediums to devise innovative solutions...

Devon Reynolds

Ph.D. Student
B.A., Brown University
nick with his puppy

Nicholas Schulte

Ph.D. Student
Major Field/Concentration Aquatic ecology, phycology, taxonomy Research Interests Improving algae-based ecological assessments of streams Effects of anthropogenic distirbances (e.g., urbanizations, agriculture) on algae community structure and function Stream drift and wind dispersal as contributor to small- and large-scale algae biogeography Faculty Sponsor Diane McKnight and Sarah Spaulding Education MS, Florida International University (2016) BS, Teessee Technological University (2012) Biography Nick Schulte is a PhD student in Environmental Studies at the...
Jennifer in the shadows

Jennifer Shelby

Ph.D. Student
Major Field/Concentration Values and Theory (Policy and Environmental Design) Research Interests Rural Planning American West Community Development Placemaking Faculty Advisor Brian Muller Education MCRP (Masters of Community and Regional Planning), Boise State University (2014) BA Economics, Boise State University (2012)

Ricardo Simmonds

Ph.D. Student
B.A., University of Colorado Boulder M.S., University of Colorado Boulder
Joel standing in the snow with beanie and sunglasses

Joel Singley

Ph.D. Student
Secondary Core Area Sciences Core Areas of Interest Stream hydrology and biogeochemistry science education/outreach Faculty Advisor Eve-Lyn S. Hinckley (ENVS) Michael Gooseff (CVEN) Education M.S., University of Colorado Boulder B.S., Cornell University Biography Joel is an Ph.D. student in Environmental Studies. He received a B.S. in Science of Natural and Environmental Systems from Cornell University with minors in Education, International Studies, and Inequality Studies. His current research focuses on the...
Alex holding a bird

Alexander Standen

Ph.D. Student
Major Field/Concentration Environmental History Research Interests Latin America and the Caribbean Political Ecology Enviornmental Justice Faculty Advisor Paul Sutter Education B.A, University of Pennsylvania M.A., Tulane University
Victoria holding a baby bird

Victoria Stout

Ph.D. Student
Major Field/Concentration Conservation Psychology Research Interests Human -wildlife conflict Pro-Enviornmental behavior Bats Faculty Advisor Amanda Carrico Education BS Ecology and Evolutionary Biology and BA Enviornmental Studies at Univeristy of California, Santa Cruz

Zephyr Sylvester

M.S. Student
B.A., Whitman College

Casey White

M.S. Student
B.S., University of Denver