The Environmental Studies department is designed to educate the leaders, scientists, teachers, and informed citizens who will create a sustainable future for our environment and ourselves in the 21st century. It offers a broad, but rigorous, interdisciplinary education for both undergraduate and graduate students, drawing on courses and expertise from more than thirty departments, centers, and other units on campus emphasizing the earth and natural sciences as well as the social sciences and humanities. Students can also take advantage of many opportunities for less-formal "real-world" learning, including internships for class credit.

Please find giving opportunities to the Environmental Studies department below and on the University of Colorado’s Giving website. All Give buttons will redirect you to the University of Colorado Giving website.

For more information about opportunities for giving that are not listed below, please contact the department's Chair, Max Boykoff. The CU Foundation can also assist you with donations for targeted or unrestricted programs.

Undergraduate Student Support

Environmental Studies Undergraduate Scholarship Fund

To provide support for undergraduate students in Environmental Studies helping make CU Boulder more affordable and reduce the number of loans for our undergraduate students.

To provide support for non-traditional students from the Rocky Mountain Region in Environmental Studies, please include "Rocky Mountain Community Bridge (RMCB)" in the Giving Comments. 


Colorado Impact Scholarship

To provide funds for undergraduate students enrolled in Environmental Studies who are the first generation in their family to attend college and those from socioeconomic backgrounds that are historically underrepresented in the field of environmental sciences. Preference is also given to students matriculating from secondary education in the state of Colorado.


Joseph "Joey" Herrin Endowed Memorial Scholarship Fund

Memorial Statement.

From a young age, Joey Herrin cultivated a love of nature while hiking, camping, rock climbing and biking in Texas. After high school, he traveled across the country, visiting over 40 national parks and working at farms, parks and outdoor ventures, also attending a semester with NOLS in Patagonia. He landed in Colorado and started college at the age of 28, while working park maintenance at a local park system. His stewardship extended beyond the environment to his friendships, relationships and pets and he was known for his acts of kindness.

Attending CU Boulder was a high point, as he immersed himself in learning as much as he could, both in and out of the classroom. As he enrolled during the pandemic, he was delighted when he finally got to attend in-person and meet his professors. When he first enrolled in college, he told us that he just wanted to make a difference. And so he did. The purpose of this scholarship is to always “make a difference”, for the environment and for students like Joey. 

This scholarship will be used to provide undergraduate scholarship awards for students enrolled in the Department of Environmental Studies in the College of Arts and Sciences at the University of Colorado Boulder. Preference will be given to non-traditional students. 


Graduate Student Support

Environmental Studies Graduate Fellowship Fund

To provide support for graduate fellowships for students in Environmental Studies helping draw the world’s best students to CU Boulder and enhance the department's recruitment efforts.


Diana R. Nemergut Memorial Graduate Scholarship Fund

To provide support for non-traditional graduate students working on questions in the areas of environmental microbiology and ecological sustainability at the University of Colorado Boulder.


Rad Byerly Jr. Award in Science and Technology Policy

To provide support for full-time graduate students working on questions in the areas of science and technology policy at the University of Colorado Boulder.


Red Cross Red Crescent Climate Center Fellowship Program

To provide support for CU Boulder student travel to Red Cross/Red Crescent projects.


Other Giving Opportunities

Environmental Studies Program Fund

Provides discretionary support to the Department of Environmental Studies at the University of Colorado Boulder


Sustainability, Energy, and Environment Complex Fund

To provide support for the capital needs of the Sustainability, Energy, and Environment Complex (SEEC) at the University of Colorado Boulder including future renovations and upkeep.