Costa Rica

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Environmental Studies students can expand their learning experience through an education abroad experience. CU Education Abroad sponsors over 350 study abroad programs, many of which offer courses that count toward the Environmental Studies (ENVS) major. Courses from these and other programs may be also fulfill Arts and Sciences core or elective credit at CU Boulder.

Students interested in going abroad should contact their academic advisor and begin exploring options through the Education Abroad website. After completing a short “Abroad 101” tutorial or meeting, students may meet with a study abroad advisor to find a program that suits his or her needs.

How to Find Programs and Courses for ENVS

A list of pre-reviewed courses is posted on the Education Abroad website to help students determine which ENVS requirements (or other degree requirements) can be fulfilled abroad. Students can also explore a list of programs here that offer ENVS credit. 

Environmentally-focused courses through CU-sponsored programs that are not listed on the pre-reviewed courses list can be submitted to the Environmental Studies Program for review. Students should meet with their academic advisor to discuss eligible courses and the process for having courses reviewed for ENVS major credit. Students should contact the CU Education Abroad Office to have any non-reviewed courses evaluated for Arts and Sciences Core credit.

Costa Rica

Note: Independent study abroad programs—ones that are not part of a CU-approved study abroad program—can be evaluated for credit only after the student has completed the coursework and the College of Arts and Sciences has received the transcript for the work. See the Independent Study Abroad Policy or contact your academic advisor for more information.