Bachelor of Arts in Environmental Studies

Environmental Studies is an interdisciplinary program, and utilizes existing courses given in various Arts and Sciences departments. The program is designed to provide a broad, but rigorous education in environmental issues and real world problem solving, as opposed to a traditional, discipline-based training. The Environmental Studies major draws from curricula in the earth and natural sciences as well as the social sciences and humanities. 

The purpose of this major is to train students in the cause, scale, and remediation strategies of the major environmental problems in the United States and the world. Students will acquire an awareness of the complexity of factors relating to human interaction with the environment. They will become acutely aware of the fact that environmental problems have both human and biophysical components, and gain knowledge of the general principles of human-environmental interaction, global habitability, environmental change, and sustainable human societies.

"The CU environmental studies major has allowed me to develop systems thinking skills reinforced with an understanding of the socioeconomic, political, and ecological components of environmental problems. The community, curriculum, events, and the support given for leadership development have prepared me to take effective action in shaping a sustainable future." 
Matthew Ribarich, ENVS 2014

"I chose to major in environmental studies at CU Boulder because the curriculum gives a balanced education that combines a strong scientific knowledge base with communication and critical thinking skills.” Brittney Manzagol, ENVS 2014