In addition to research-based MS and PhD programs, we also offer three dual degrees: a MS/MBA in collaboration with the CU Business School, and MS/Juris Doctor and PhD/Juris Doctor in collaboration with the CU Law School. Explore the current student directory and alumni directory for listings of research topics and post-CU activities. The listing of faculty and their interests, and links to their webpages, also gives information on the range of research being conducted within ENVS.

While a student’s research project shapes much of their graduate career, course work, colloquia and other activities are also key parts of the graduate experience, and in ENVS are particularly important in providing the breadth of knowledge that is key for those seeking to contribute to environmental research and management.

Among the knowledge and skills that we seek to provide to every student are:

  • The ability to evaluate policy goals in the context of competing societal objectives;
  • Fundamental knowledge of the relevant environmental sciences to be intelligent users of scientific information;
  • The ability to integrate knowledge from multiple disciplines in the context of complex environmental issues;
  • An understanding of the local, state, and federal decision processes that shape environmental issues;
  • The ability to think critically, creatively, and holistically about environmental issues;
  • The ability to work in interdisciplinary teams; and
  • Skill in communication with diverse audiences.