ENVD’s academic coaching program promotes the development of healthy and effective academic habits that prepare students to respond to challenges, encourage personal and professional development and create opportunities for collaborative achievement. Through the partnerships we build in coaching, students cultivate the self-knowledge, behaviors, and skills that support them through ENVD’s rigorous design curriculum, lead to improved GPAs, and facilitate graduation and positive professional outcomes!

ENVD offers academic coaching through one-on-one meetings scheduled through Buff Portal and through partnered events with ENVD’s many resource facilities.

Common Topics in Coaching

  • Finding balance with academics and life
  • Adjusting to the university experience
  • Connecting to campus academic, belonging and wellness resources
  • Self-awareness, goal setting and motivation

  • Organization focusing on time and project management 
  • Study strategies including reading, note-taking and test preparation 
  • Communication, self-authorship and portfolio development
  • Navigating pathways after CU