Meet one-on-one with a Peer Academic Coach during drop-in hours to discuss different topics, including:

  • Test preparation
  • Test-taking strategies
  • Note-taking strategies
  • Time management
  • Organizational skills
  • Goal-setting

Academic Coaches and Peer Academic Coaches are here to collaborate with students in order to help them set academic goals, increase their confidence in the classroom, provide useful tools for everyday life and connect them with campus resources that meet their individual needs.

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What is a peer academic coach?

Peer Academic Coaches (PACs) are CU students who are trained to help their peers develop strategies for learning, time management, test-taking and much more. PACs also help students cultivate a sense of confidence and self-determination in their classrooms.

Peer Academic Coaching is a free resource for undergraduate students registered with Disability Services. Graduate students should connect with the Graduate School for grad-specific mentoring programs.

 Note: If your college has requested that you attend Academic Coaching, you should contact the coaching office specific to your college. Peer Academic Coaching at Disability Services does not meet individual college requirements for academic probation.

How it works

Students are assigned to a Peer Academic Coach (PAC) to meet for an initial session. During this session, students will work with their coach to discuss their goals for the semester, areas of stregnth and areas for improvement. After students complete their initial meeting, they will meet with their PAC on a regular basis to develop skills and review their progress.

Meet our peer academic coaches

Jack Elkins Nesheim

Program Assistant, Peer Academic Coach

Jack joined Disability Services in May 2021 as a front office student worker, and now works as a student program assistant. He is studying to complete his Bachelor of Science in Sociology and Spanish Literature. 

Jack’s areas of interest include diversity, inequality and queer studies. Outside the office, he enjoys hiking, traveling, finding new restaurants or coffee shops and reading a good book.

Neelima Mukkatira

Program Assistant, Peer Academic Coach

Neelima joined Disability Services in January 2023 as a graduate program assistant and peer academic coach. She is studying to complete her Master of Sciences in Mechanical Engineering.

Neelima is dedicated to promoting inclusivity in STEM and has a passion for helping students achieve their academic goals. Outside the office, she enjoys birdwatching, going on foraging hikes, painting and binge-watching organizational videos.

Jack Lewis

Program Assistant, Peer Academic Coach

Jack joined Disability Services in January 2023 as a graduate program assistant and peer academic coach. Jack is getting his Master of Science in Accounting.

Jack wants to create a comfortable environment for students that fosters creativity and confidence. In his free time, you can catch Jack cooking, running and rooting for Bay Area sports teams.

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C4C, N200.

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